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Ever since they are born and even more so as their social interactions become more complex, people need to be loved and accepted, people need to get a sense of belonging, they need to be part of a community or a couple.

Rather instinctive in the first part of human lives, the need for social inclusion becomes afterwards a key pre-requisite for emotional comfort.

For many people, having fulfilling relationships and feeling socially integrated can mean leaving loneliness behind them.

We can best understand loneliness by finding out about the ways in which people experience it.

You can feel lonely when:

  • you feel you miss the relationships from your past
  • you are alone and feel you will never be otherwise again
  • there are changes in your life and you feel overwhelmed
  • you feel there is no one in your life with whom you can share feelings and experiences
  • when you think you do not deserve to be loved, to be accepted or when your sense of self-worthiness is low, even if others do not share these views

In some situations, you can have wrong notions about loneliness. For example, you can think that:

  • loneliness is a sign of weakness or lack of maturity;
  • there must be something wrong with me, that’s why I’m lonely;
  • I’m the only one who feels lonely

If you have such beliefs, you can wrongly get to thinking that loneliness is a defect of your personality.

The alternative to considering loneliness as a defect or an immutable trait of your personality is to realize this is something that can be changed.

Moreover, this change is a pretty common experience.

Feeling lonely is a symptom of some significant need(s) that have remained unmet.

Start by identifying these unmet needs for your particular case. The loneliness feelings can appear for a variety of reasons. It can be the need to find a special friend or to create a network of friends. It can be that you need to do things on your own, outside of your friends or acquaintances circle. It can mean that you need to more comfortable or content with yourself, in general.

Duo Alternative aims to create contexts in which:

  • you can understand all these un-met needs;
  • you can meet other people with similar needs and discover together the solutions to your common problem;
  • you can be involved in various activities that will allow you to meet people with similar needs;
  • you can develop your social skills and get to better know the others, while also opening up to them;
  • you can demonstrate that feeling lonely does not last forever.

We will create together new opportunities for you to meet other people with similar values and interests, but to also know yourselves better and value yourselves more.

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