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How does your social life look like? Is it busier than your grandparents’?

Can we change anything in our social lives if we do not take any action and do not go out?

When you’re 20, it is not too difficult to meet people and make new friends. As time passes by, however, there are fewer socialization opportunities. It is more difficult to meet anybody else but colleagues or “friends of friends.”

How can you build a rich social life if you have no buddies with whom you can discuss, have a drink, chat about the latest, greatest movie or holiday, or go to dance lessons?

DUO Alternative invites you to join events where you can meet people who want to have a fulfilling social life, while experiencing it in a “low-pressure,” no-stress environment.

If you are interested, you will for sure find in our calendar events that will match your social interests.

Come make new friends! You have the chance to meet likeable people! You’ll for sure find this a rewarding experience! Join us, what do you stand to lose?

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