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During September 12th-16th, 2016, trainers of our Associations participated in Malta to the “Promoting the culture of entrepreneurship” training course. This activity is part of the “FANIs” project (Entrepreneurial training for social integration) funded via Erasmus+ KA1 program. Based on the identified need to complement the entrepreneurship training curriculum existing now in Romania, quite unsatisfactory in developing entrepreneurial attitudes, but also in covering essential practical aspects such as providing mentoring and support for start-ups, the project aims to develop and implement a viable alternative by adapting and then delivering in Romania the course Promoting the Culture of Entrepreneurship (held in Malta in September 2016). The specific objectives of the project aim to promote the development of specialized entrepreneurial skills and attitudes through the participation of a member of Duo Alternative, trainer of trainers, to the course in Malta, who will then build based on this course a practical mentorship module. The course will be then developed together with the organization’s trainers and offered in Romania especially for the benefit of representatives of vulnerable groups, mainly women, whose social and economic integration is a key mission of the association.
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Projects 2015

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1. The project “Meeting for identifying potentialities for future cooperation and bilateral relations” is meant to enable the opportunity for the representatives of both partners (Icelandic Human Rights Center and Duo Alternative) to exchange experiences and to investigate possibilities of developing twinning projects and future cooperation under the framework provided by EEA Grants Programme. The project is financed under the Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level. 2. DUO Alternative Association participated in the competition “Advocate Europe”. This is an annual idea challenge for innovative European initiatives and projects initiated and realized by Stiftung Mercator, MitOst e.V. and Liquid Democracy e.V. They are looking for unconventional and transnational proposals which strengthen connection and cohesion in Europe. Our project SAXON BRIDGE IN EUROPE aims to make a bridge among communities that enable a way back to the roots and understanding of joint history Romania and Germany as EU members states have. The targets are citizens of both countries, public administration officials concerned with German culture and community development by initiating projects. 3. As the applicant organization for OFID-UNDP CROSS-REGIONAL GRANTS COMPETITION, DUO Alternative has combined its experience in developing innovative tools for social integration and in project management with its partners’ credentials on the subject. Together we considered the opportunity provided by the 2nd Priority of the Programme ‘Economic governance and employment’ to propose a project enabling the transfer of know-how from previous projects to address the need for a more inclusive labor market and to increase the capacity to access it. The most important are the experience of LDN, Lebanese partner in DAEDALUS - Euro-Med Career transnational project (www.daedalusproject.eu) aiming to match labor market demand and supply needs across the various countries from the MED area, the experience of AAM, Albanian partner in the project ‘Promoting private sector employment in Kosovo’, which involved market research, training and coaching for employment and the experience of EARGED, the Turkish partner, in the project ‘Methodology for creating small, local enterprise centers for young people in the local communities’, funded under EU-LLP. The project fully complies with the call’s aim to make labor markets…
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Relationships are like the flowers from a garden – you need to nurture them, you need to give them access to light, you need to make sure they stay healthy. If you do that, you’ll carry with you a “piece of the paradise.” If you do not do anything, if you do not assume responsibility, if you do not “water” them or, on the contrary, if you “water” them too much, one day you will find out that your “piece of the paradise” is a depressing piece of barren soil. We are taking the responsibility to nurture the garden and keep it alive. This means that we have already sown the “seeds” for a few projects that will help create healthy relationships. More about our projects, coming soon!